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I still love to wash in your old bathwater

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  2005.10.19  19.59
canine kennel cough

SO due to the fact that I work at a vet 5 days out of the week, I am always around sick animals...
and I believe I now have a dog disease.

i know you're jealous.

Its called Kennel Cough...usually dogs get it when they are constantly face to face with other dogs, and they get this weird coghy/flemy shit going on in their upper respritory track. Its an influenza virus, and is also a virus that is transmitted through the air. The vaccine, Bordetella, has the virus contained and is sprayed into the dogs nostrils after mixing it (powder form) with a liquid.
now that you know that and are really super bored...

the other day this dog comes in...its got this cough, it leaves, I have to bleach the whole damn room, including the floor and walls (not my idea of a good time) Two days later I am busy coughing up my lungs.

and it sucks
and it hurts
a lot.

so make me cookies.


Mood: distressed

  2005.10.18  23.55
(to amuse greg)

mackenzieieeee i stoolll this from you!

This 0R That��
Snoop Dogg or Korn?: gah...snoooooop i suppose
Eminem or Simple Plan: if i had to pick simple plan
Three Days Grace or Hawthorne Heights?: hawthorne heights
Spice Girls or Christina Aguilara?: SPICE UP YOUR LIFE YO!
My Chemical Romance or Kelly Clarkson: MCR...even though sometimes i have to hate them for this MTV crap.
Usher or maroon 5?: less than three maroooon 5
Backstreet Boys or N'sync?: N*Sync assholes, get it right.
Coldplay or 98 Degrees?: coldplay
Death Cab or Linkin Park?: Death Cab
Sugarcult or Michael Jackson?: Michael Jackson actually...
marilyn Manson or goo goo Dolls?: Uhmm...i think Marilyn Manson
The Killers or gwen Stefani?: The killers...unless it was vs No Doubt, in which case, NO DOUBT.
Nelly or Good Charlotte?: Nelly. fuck good charlotte.
Weezer or Ciarra?: weezer
Taking back sunday or Vanessa Carlton?: Taking Back Sunday
Red hot chilli peppers or Nirvana?: Nirvana
Blink 182 or Smashing Pumpkins?: oh my, they are two extremely different things...but i listen to Blink more...
beastie Boys or Wierd Al?: BEASTIE BOYS GET IT TOGETHER....
Godsmack or lil Romeo?: huh?
Ludacris or Slipknot?: ludacris
Pizza or hamburgers?: shit. oh god. i want a burger.
Hotdogs or Steak?: STEAK ahhhhh
Cake or pie?: cake
Lemonade or pink Lemonade?: pink lemonade
Chocolate milk or regular milk?: bleak...neither
Waffels or Pancakes?: waffles
Pasta or salad?: salad
Bar BQ sauce or Ketchup?: katsup is my preferred way of spelling it
Carrots or Corn?: corn
Pepperoni or sausage?: pepperoni
Cherries or Strawberries?: cherries
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate is my fav food.
beer or wine?: wine-o
Candybar or Energy bar?: candy!!!!1!
propel or Gatorade?: gatorade
bacon or Eggs?: sick.
Pepsi or Sprite?: sprite
Cheesecake or Apple Pie?: key lime cheesecake. thanks.
McDonalds or Denny's?: dennyss
Hawaii or Miami Beach?: ...Miami because that is where Miami Ink is filmed (the best show ever) and i love Ami.
East Coast or West Coast?: AHAHAHA east coast suckers.
Concert or Movie?: concert
bar or dance club?: dance club...so i can make a fool of myself
The beach or a Museum?: depends on where the beach is and what museum. although i would have to go with beack more likely.
Pool or hottub?: pool
Front yard or backyard?: backyard
The Mall or the park?: the mark.
Australia or Europe?: europe
Sweater or Hoodie?: Hoodie
Tight pants or baggy?: inbetween...and depends on what time of the month it is too
Overalls or suspenders?: YAYYY
One piece or two piece?: two pieces bitches, i dont care.
Shorts or skirts?: skirts. never EVER shorts. unless they are my ugly plaid ones.
Bell bottoms or Flares?: boot cut or straight. fuckin hippies. kidding.
Wife beater or Tank top?: beaters for the dykey girl. :)
Boxers, Briefs, or thongs?: thongs. usually. unless it is that time. in which case...boy shorts. (and thats on me not some guy...cause yeah thongs....no. stop. ew.)
Slippers or socks?: socks
layers or skin?: layers
Garnier or Pantein?: fuck that i use the salon shit my mom gives me. LANZA
Pen or Pencil?: pen
Chores or Schoolwork?: eghghgh school?
Tv or movie?: movie
Gel or hairspray?: gel
The OC. or CSI?: o.c
mom or dad?: i love them both.
Rock or Rap?: rock
Sing or Dance?: sing, and dance like brady bunch.
Bowling or Golf?: both.


Mood: amused

  2005.10.10  02.59

because when you do it, it makes me CRAZY.

Mood: embarrassed

  2005.10.10  02.03

x: name: Maxx
:x: hair color: brownish currently
:x: siblings: quinner
:x: eyes: brown. like poo
:x: college: moo
:x: high school: fm
:x: jr.high: eagle hill
:x: elementary: enders rd
:x: favorite place: home
:x: favorite soda: grape or jones sooooda
:x: favorite food: chocolate
:x: favorite pen: uhm....the Papillon911 ones
:x: favorite animal: kitttten
:x: favorite burger place: oh god i want a burger...and idk
:x: favorite hobby: sleeping/reading
:x: bar or club: uhmi guess club tundra
:x: favorite shows: .......uh....MIAMI INK!!!!
:x: favorite shirt: if you're awesome and you know it....or uhm...really old soft ones
:x: favorite milkshake: chocolate
:x: favorite color: pinkkk
:x: favorite weather: october

:x: have a crush on someone: yep
:x: have a girlfriend/boyfriend: nome
:x: wish you could live somewhere? uh i do like somewhere dumbass
:x: think others find you attractive: the rare odd ones do
:x: like cleaning: depends where i am...at the vet i do, and like...certain things...youknow what? i dont like this question
:x: like roller coasters: some....
:x: write in cursive or print: its a mix
:x: last thought: IM SO ITCHY
:x: last showered: this afternoon

For or Against
:x: long distant relationships: meh i dont care
:x: killing people: depends on who
:x: teenage smoking: i dont give a damn
:x: gay/lesbian relationships: YEAYYYYYY.

Have you
:x: ever cried over a girl or boy: well sure
:x: ever been arrested: ive rode in a cop car, but not because i was arrested...
:x: ever dated a cousin: why would i date a hick?
:x: ever used a gun: yes and aimed it at chris :)
:x: ever got surgery: nome
:x: ever got beat up: nawwwwww
:x: ever hated someone: yes
:x: ever tried any drugs: well uhm not like yeah i have
:x: ever jogged a mile: yes....
:x: ever played w/ someone's feelings: oh sure

:x: shoes do you wear: A LOT. currently most often aer either asics, flats, or clogs
:x: do you sleep in: undies and shiiirtttt
:x: did you eat for lunch: i didnt have lunch. i guess i had a chai
:x: is love: something you cant explain

:x: favorite number: shut up
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? uhm once.
:x: of hearts I have broken?: OMGZ IM LYKE A HEART BREAKERRRR
:x: of girls/guys I've kissed: none. ever.
:x: of guys/girls you've rejected? oh my. thats terrible.
:x: of drugs you taken: <3 heroine (kitting)
:x: of people you broke up with?: three?

Do you think you are
:x: funny: oh yes
:x: hot: oh no
:x: friendly: when im in the mood
:x: ugly: hm
:x: loveable: HAHAHA
:x: caring: with people? no. with animals? jaja
:x: dorky: sure
:x: cocky: .....since i know greg is going to read this in like 20 minutes....he'll know when I get cocky bwaahahaaaa
:x: girly: when i shop...i tends to happen dammit.
:x: boyish: idk
:x: smart: depends but usually yeah
:x: pimp: YEAH NIG.
:x: angel: 0:) nome
:x: gangster: hardcore

Person who last
:x: slept in your bed: meeee
:x: saw you cry: me daddy
:x: yelled at you: mommy

Have you ever
:x: gone out in public in your pajamas?: da
:x: kept a secret from everyone?: sure
:x: cried during a movie?: oh god romeo and juliet, youve got mail, lion king,AHHHH
:x: ever at anytime owned new kids on the block?: nope not my era
:x: planned your week based on the TV Guide?: once.....daria marathon
:x: been on stage?: "i am the cow with the crumpled horn" (old mothers cupboard when i was 7ish) im so cute.

Pick one...
:x: blue or red?: red
:x: spring or fall?: fall
:x: what are you gonna do after you finish this?: sleep
:x: what was the last meal you ate?: pizza and bread sticks
:x: are you bored?: sort of

:x: do you believe in love at first sight?: oh sure....just let me roll by again. actually, idk
:x: do you want children one day & if so, how many? i dont want to fuck up the kids
:x: most important thing to you in a friendship is?: being there no matter what and to be able to admit when you've done wrong.

Random stuff
:x: criminal record?: hookin
:x: do you speak any other languages?: un peu francais
:x: piercings and where?: 4 in one ear, 2 in other with holes for industrial

:x: initials: MEP BITCHES REPRESENT. (what is wrong with me???)
:x: how old do you look?: hm im guessing no older than 18
:x: how old do you act? depends
:x: glasses/contacts?: agh get them awayyy
:x: braces: never ever
:x: do you have any pets?: 9 dogs, 3 cats, jimmy
:x: you get embarrassed?: oh god i love it.
:x: what upsets you? being shafted. being yelled at for no reason.

:x: How often do you brush your teeth? once a year
:x: Do you like pigs? sure
:x: When was the last time you got your nails done? the 5th grade.
:x: Do you work in a factory? no......
:x: If you gave birth to a baby boy right this second, what would you name him? LEROY
:x: Are black bras sexier than red ones? yes
:x: Do you enjoy watching Disney movies? oh of course
:x: Do you go hunting? hunting is not nice. so no.
:x: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? hm. i like food.
:x: Is Lindsay Lohan hot? not anymore. shes fucking gross now with her blonde hair and her gross skinny ness. she was so cute when she was all like...thicker and red.
:x: What color are your favorite pair of socks? the ones that say "dont mess with texas" which are white.
:x: Do you really "participate" in gym class? i protest. or skip. or avoid going to school that day. or go to thje nurse. or stand with my arms folded. or get hit by balls. bitches. or do things in teh locker room.
:x: What's the absolute WORST thing that's ever happened to you? cpep
:x: Who's voice is that inside your head, when you are reading words? Is it your own? yeah its mine...but it usually likes to speak in french and i honestly mean this and i honestly cannot figure out why.
:x: Is The Sims an amusing game to you? i like to make gay couples :)
:x: Are skateboarders annoying or hot? depends. theres certain ones who are cute.
:x: Can you play the piano, and well? oh...i can play the can can. and it sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
:x: Aren't chores boring? i dont have chores
:x: Does your mom make you do chores? no
:x: Are snakes gross? no! they're so pretty. FUCK YOU LIVEJOURNAL SURVEY.
:x: Do you go to church? GHAGAGAGAAGAGAGAAHAHAHA. omg no.
:x: How many lights are in your room? dads-2 moms-4
:x: How often do you order something from a catalog? whenever the plastic surfaces from my moms purse. ie-rarely
:x: Have you ever been on a boat? yep
:x: Do you take any medications? sure
:x: Is Lily an ugly name? no
:x: Do you prefer mechanical pencils or the regular ones that you have to sharpen? mechanical
:x: Is your car old? oh...uhmm....i dont have a car dammit.
:x: Have you seen the movie Saved? i own it bitches
:x: Do you know anyone who sounds like Austin Powers? no
:x: When was the last time you had a cold? mmm 2 weeks ago?
:x: Is money really worth anything? in teh grand scheme of things? no.
:x: Are you aware that Albert Einstein is dead? WHAT?.....WHAT
:x: Are you scared to look in to mirrors? sometimes.
:x: Have you ever stolen from a friend? uhhh kallies socks to get revenge for her stealing my socks
:x: Light a match and watch it gleam. Was it pretty? are you high?
:x: Are overly happy people annoying? i want to shoot them
:x: Is the Atlantic Ocean better than the Pacific Ocean? its warmer...
:x: Are you in (a) band? oh yeah...the maxx one woman cello band. its excellent. we're huge in poland.
:x: Who is the most friendly person you know? chris
:x: Do you like coffee? ja
:x: Have you ever visited Washington, DC? no
:x: Do you spend most of your time on the internet? no
:x: True or False: what?
:x: Do you enjoy cooking? hahaha ano.
:x: Are you well paid? no...but i love my job.
:x: What is the most beautiful place in the world? north captiva
:x: Do you have allergies? e miason!
:x: Is Mickey Mouse's voice annoying? yes
:x: How often do you take a shower/bath? every other day id say
:x: Is your daily routine boring? i dont think i always have a routine.
:x: Are people too friendly? sometimes
:x: Do you eat caviar on a regular basis? nah
:x: Is this survey very random? yep
:x: Is "wowzer" a stupid word? yes

01. Your name plus "y"? maxxy....i prefer it spelled maxxxie though
02. Two feelings at the moment? really sad, tired
03. What are you listening to right now? comedy central
04. A part of a song lyric that's in your mind: budding at my fingertips, touching you i start to bloom. fuck
05. Describe where you are right now? living room at dads
06. What is your highlight of the week? painting my room
07. What are you craving to have right now? oreos
08. Any unforgettable childhood memory? riding the carousel on the red horse at the fville mall
09. A not-so-good childhood memory? when he broke one of the plates and she locked herself in teh bathroom and i realised things suck sometimes
10. What are your nicknames? maxx, bucky, chachalolly, etc
11. Your three plans for tomorrow? work, mia appt (fun!), sleep, homework
12. Your three plans for today? uhm....sleep
13. Are you thinking of someone right now? yes
14. Do you party? nope
15. Do you like twins? uh...what?
16. Fill in the blank: I am... a fox
17. Say something in five words to the person who sent you this!: i took it from cara
19. Mary has her little lamb. What do you wanna have? an untypical person
20. Say anything you like to whoever is reading your answers!? i really wanted to tell you something the other night about when you touch my wrists....
21. are you feeling hungry? yeah
22. who do you miss right now? cara
23. last friend you saw online? greg
24. are you in love? i do love...but init? idk
25. what do you like about night? stars and when it rains and im in a parking lot and its all lit up well...oh god.
26. if you were in a farm.. what do you want to see? a donkey named pinto. oh god they are cute
27. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? a vet
29. did you like it? yes!
30. do you play an instrument? yes....cell-oooo
31. what song did u last hear? something on the TBS CD

[A is for age:] 16
[B is for booze of choice:] nope
[C is for career:] vet
[D is for your dad's name:] John
[E is for essential items to bring to a party:] pepper spray
[F is for favorite song:] portions for foxes, three feet down
[G is for favorite game:] pretty pretty princess
[H is for hometown:] fayetteville
[I is for instruments you play:] cello
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] jam
[K is for kids?] 29 named Leroy and tiffany
[L is for living arrangements:] mom or dad depending on day
[M is for mom's name:] Laurel
[N is for name of your crush:] Greg
[O is for overnight hospital stays:]
[P is for phobias:] stalkerphobia
[Q is for quotes you like:] many
[R is for relationship that lasted the longest:] 2 years
[S is for sexual preference:] heh
[T is for time you wake up:] 12 ifi have it my way
[U is for U:] MAXX
[V is for vegetable you love:] cukes
[W is for worst habit:] itching
[X is for x-rays you've had:] teeth and feet :(
[Y is for yummy food you make:] ,......mac n cheese?
[Z is for zodiac sign:] capricorn

A- Age you lost your virginity? NEVER....kitting, but not yet
B- Birthday? january 4
C- Dream Car? at this point, anything
D- Dads name? John
E- Easiest person to make you laugh? Hilary
F- Food you eat most? chocolate
G- Any encounter with ghosts? me and my dad when i was 5 out int he woods with my dog...it was surreal to say the least
I- Interesting fact people don't know about you? im prego
J- Jumped in a pool with all your clothes on? yes
K- Kissing with eyes open or closed? closed usually
L- Last time you did something "bad"? haha idk
M- Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute? sometime during feb or march in 9th grade
N- Nicknames? maxx.....etc
O- Whats your most valued possession? my mothers love beads, some pictures, measles
P- Person you last talked to on the phone? greg
Q- Quote that you feel represents you right now? so sick so sick of being tired...
R- What are you allergic to? erithromiason
S- Song you last sang out loud? TBS
T- Time you woke up? 10 30
U- U like to sing soft or loud? loud
V- Vegetable you hate most? les tomates
W- What are you most afraid of? idk
X- X- rated love life? oh yeah
Y- Yellowcard or Green Day? old green day
Z- Zodiac Sign? capricorn

Mood: crushed

  2005.10.08  11.56
bot flies etc

Ive been looking at all these bot flies, round worms, tape worms, fleas, ticks etc in these vials.


i really need to sleep. im so tired, and moody.
3 day weekend though. thank god.


and i have an eel skin wallet...its so scary.
oh and thanksgiving dinner showed up at the vets today...(turkeys) 8 to be exact.

Mood: cold

  2005.09.22  23.01

Welcome to: I feel like shit Part I.
i am soo freaking sickkkkk.


  2005.09.22  21.22


uhm...I really have nothing to say except for i hate school and uhmm...im sick of it already and tomorrow is the 23rd and uhm...jimmy is attacking his cage, and uhmm...mia has crystals in her urine (oo00o0 shes a fancy kitten) and greg doesnt actually like mexican food....mr bindig is growing on me, and uhmmm i skipped gym.

Mood: anxious

  2005.09.11  16.12

Time started: 412
Name: Maxx
Nickname: Maxx
Single or Taken: single i guessssss
Sex: femaleish
Birthday: january 4
Siblings: quinn'er'
Shoe size: 10/11
Height: 5'7 ish
What are you wearing right now: teal sweat pants, white shirt...lookin preeeety foxy, i gotta say
where do you live? fville
Righty or lefty: right'y'
Favorite cartoon character: DARIA

*Have you ever*
Smoked: yes
Bungee Jumped: no
Parasailed: no
Made yourself throw-up: yes
Gone skinny dipping: yes
Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: uhm yes
Eaten a dog biscuit: of course...living in my house with my sister and a fat ass dog with many biscuits, its bound to happen
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: sure
Played truth or dare: yes
Been in a police car: yes
Been in a sauna: yes ewwwww
Been in a hot tub: yes
Swam in the ocean: yes
Fallen asleep in school: yes
Ran away: sort of
Broken someone's heart: hahahahhaqhahahahahahahah.
Cried when someone died: yes
Cried in school: yes, too often
Fell off your chair: yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: ...
Saved MSN / AOL / AIM conversations: yes
Saved e-mails: yes
Fallen for your best friend?: oh yeaahhh.. cara babaaay

*First thing that comes to mind*
Blue: carpet
Autumn: treeeees
Cow: smelly

*What is..*
Your good luck charm: stupid thing that i sometimes have in my pocket...wish blabla
what’s beside you? uhmm...grammas houuuse
something that happened to you this year: realized a LOT
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: hm.
Believe in love at first sight: idont think so
Like picnics: no....i dont sit on the ground and eat...its too complicated. i dont have those advanced motor skills. :(
Like school: fuckin hate it
loved anyone: yes

*Would you:*
Eat a live hamster: depends if you dipped it in chocolate first or not...
Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars?: uhmmm...if they wanted me to. and the money was dipped in chocolate. and all in ones...
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you?: cara, hilary, stupidgreg, matzi for cara i suppose iwould have to do that, right?, uhmm..my mom.

You touched: keyboard?
you massaged: my head
you yelled at: GEORGE
Who broke your heart: stop it
Who told you they loved you last: gramamamama
Is your loudest friend: hills bills pills thrills

*Do you/Are You:*
Do you like filling these out: da
Do you wear contacts or glasses: i am supposed to wear my glasses, but i only wear them occasionally
Do you like yourself: depends on the time of the month, the time of day, the current situation...i would say more often than not, no.
Obsession: chocolate, kittens
Anorexic: yep...*eats potato*
Suicidal: depends

*Final questions-*
What are you listening to right now: golf
What did you do yesterday: talked to greg, slept, went to work, slept, nothing, cried, homework, read, slept, greg amd matzi (greg and matzi....matzi and greg...)
What is your favorite band(s): les strokes, dashboard, mirah
Got any awards: im a failure
Want to get married: dont believe in it i dont think....
What is your favorite video game: old school mario, and spyro
If you could change anything about yourself what would it be: ..
Good actor: keiren culkin
Good Singer: myself. yes.
Have a lava lamp: my cat jkilled it....about 10 years ago
How many remote controls are in your house: what a stupid thing to ask
Are you double jointed: i dont care!
What do you dream about: weird shit
Last time you showered: yesterday
The last movie you saw at the theaters: 40 y o virgin
Silver or Gold: platinum bitches.
Diamond or pearl: black pearls from tahiiiti. i sound liek a rich bitch, but im not really. uhm. yeah pearls. but really sparkly diamonds are nice. i wouldnt really wear either though.
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset.
Phone or in person: person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: youngest
Do you want your friends to fill this out and post it?: idont have friends.
time finished: 428


  2005.09.11  16.01
fuck school..

Yeah so started school on Wednesday...it was alright except for some parts where i wanted ot commit suicide. good times.

anyways...I have no free periods, am in retard orch and retard math...uhmmm...busybusy english. Lots of homework everyday so far...yeah.

Weekend has been fairly uneventful, which is a good thing. Hung out with Chris for a while saturday then we picked up greg, and went to Steve's house, then we allw ent over to my house with matzi and cara. Then went to caras house. Yeah..then Saturday, the usual thing happened. Woke up early, worked, slept, read, homework, mom goes to ER (not usual) Greg+Matzi came over...cara is sick. da.

Ive had my grammas car which is GREAT. The forester....teh classic lesbian car. :)...it has a lot of 'zip' to it.

bought the new Black eyed peas CD...the woman at target thought I was one cool cat. I think...idk. anyways...

yeah gregs birthday was on the 8th so we went out to Unos...cara couldnt come...dammit. They clapped and sang. it was a good time. yepyepyep.

i think I am going to go because I really need to finish my never ending english homework...or maybe Ill do a survey instead. depends. but this computer is very fucked up so idk.

Mood: blank

  2005.08.31  15.52
blind cat

the blind cat is rubbing against me and meowing violently. dear dear.

anyways..went to the fair yesterday. it was a fun time, except for when we got on the bus and greg and i realized that splashing eachother in the puddles wasnt a good idea after all. I got home and was soaked and sooo cold.

fell asleep quite quickly after watching clueless hehe.
woke up and went to therapy.
discussed being off meds etc. boring shit.

picked greg up and went to get louis at the groomers. Louis barfed in hte car. it was lovely.

and now I am at the vets hanging out with the cats because that is what i do.
it is such a rainy day out...i just want to go home and takea nap in the camper because the rain sounds so pretty on the plastic roof. therapeutic. yeah.

anyways I think I am going to go and uhmm...play with some kittys or fuck around with syringes (jk). actually, I will organize drawers.

Mood: blah

  2005.08.30  15.24

im at the vet now. changed my sched today...dropped AP lol. oops.
anyways yeah saw 40 year old virgin last night. it was womanizing and i didnt really like it that much. parts of it were funny, but other wise i wasnt impressed. oh well. went with cara greg matzi as usual

agh gg


  2005.08.25  17.08

I am at the vet right now waiting to close. I've only been here for like 2 hours so thats Ok, but I have to go to the fucking Cafe after.

Yeah,. i took it in the city, and it really wasnt that hard at all, and the instructor guy thing was really wicked nice...plus I aced my parallel parking which was a bonus, I must say.

hung out with Greg last night, we just played video games and looked at the head on the porch down the street. Ivce been working like non stop lately so it kind of sucks.
I have to work tomorrow at the cafe, then saturday inthe am at the vets then get to break for an hour, then have to go to the cafe to close. Then sunday Im working at the cafe 8 30-4, which means I am once again working the whole day, open to close. woohoo. ANd Lizz wont be there and Im not sure wether colleen will or not, so it may very well suck. Johanna is gone and so is every one else so we are very short staffed. Luckily I wont be there often.
Im actually supposed to be there right now but they can suck my non existant balls, because I am apptempting at making my future better, with a Vet career.

My dad cancelled texting. oops. I went 100 bucks over the limit i believe. fuck. its all gregs fault...

yeah Im going to go so I can leave here and go to the hell hole.

Mood: busy

  2005.08.22  02.38




  2005.08.20  01.34

dear father o mine:
thanks so very much for Lionel (Belkin adaptor)
he comes in handy, and I very much love him.

i have decided that I am lucky...
Iam lucky because my mother forgets that she is mad at me sometimes. and therefore forgets to yell at me for having boys over until 3 in the am and then driving them home with my best friend.

PH4 came over last night. 'twas fun. Sat around, watched my dumb ass computer be slow...went to friendly's, the park, etc...got up in the morning to go to breakfast with the kids, we went to wegmans and then to Mill Run. Made me miss my Tessy girl. :(
I found all these little hellicopter things that fall from the trees and i played with them for a good half an hour. that was after a wood chip fight. I am still pilling mulch out of my hoodies as we speak. I had a ceasar salad.

THEN I WATCHED CARA GET HER CANCER REMOVED. shit that was fun. I watched htem cauterize it. weird. Cara and I got laughing so hard inthat fucking room that I started to cry..."if you encourage Maxx enough, she will do anything" oh cara Lee, what are those bed pans and diapers going to do without my loving tender touch? the Mrs was getting aggravated with me. oops.

then i got home with my hair all funny and i walk in the door and the bad man was there.
actually, hes a very good man.
but his looks make him the bad man.
hes a hott man.
jarett morgan. wow. wowowowowoowowowowowoowowowWOWOW. mm.

johnny came over tonight, we did the usual, walk the dogs, watch TV, video games, etc.

i need to think of somewhere to walk to tomorrow.

Mood: silly

  2005.08.17  00.12
Belkin adapter

Soo my daddy bought me an adaptor for my MP3 player so I can hear it without headphones and what not and put it in the car and stuff..I heart it so very much. It works so well. So very happy with it. Love my daddy. And not just because he buys me stuff, but because he is a great daddy.

Right now I am sitting here copying lyrics that I like from my old notebook, and putting them into a new one so I can sort of "update" them...due to the fact that some of them date back to 8th grade. wow. what days those were. I was one un happy kid, I will just say that.

Today I worked, and it wasnt that bad because Kay really didnt yell at me or anything. She just wanted to know what was up with me and the new job and what my expectations for the cafe were. That was a relief. And I worked with Lizz and Colleen which is always quite entertaining. Colleen and I got laughing so fucking hard because we decided we were going to hide from lizz inm Kay's office. We were yelling to lizz, (and really no one will find this story funny, but i have to re tell it because i thought it was a hoot) and colleen's underneath the desk, and Im behind the door and colleen says "The pathetic thing is that while we are supposed to be working, we are actually hiding" which at the time got me laughing so hard that Lizz found us. SHe was scared for a minute of our where abouts.

Got hooome, picked up the young squire (johnny) and we played stupid nintendo games for the rest of the night. And now I actually want to play them. dammit. DAMN YOU NINTENDO GAME CUBE!!!!

hmla di da.
i think i am going togo.
i might sleep over at chris's camp tomorrow and I have to work at the Vet tomorrow also so i really hope this all works out so I can do that.

Mood: calm

  2005.08.16  00.38
shit i love this one!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the cool tree and kallie and i!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the pole up the ass


  2005.08.16  00.20
photos (because everyone else has them lol)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mood: amused

  2005.08.15  23.54
breakfast, mall, ph4

SO woke up this morning at like 6, and went to the EggPlant with Cara Cait Greg and Matzi and got breakfast 'cause cara got her liscence! it was much fun. Then we went to the park near Wescott, where I got soaked with my white T shirt on.

fun stuff...totally my fault because I thought it wouldnt be that see through. Fuck that, the only one who really saw anything was caitlin anyways. haha.

Got home and went back to bed.
Woke up saw Jane's (my step aunt) new baby.
Got back and went to the nail place with my mom...and just sat there until cara picked me up so we could all go to Carousel.
Squished the boys in the back seat. So funny. Really squished greg's knees. I ride shot gun bitches.
That was beaucoup de fun...I didnt spend that much $$$ actually...Cara on the other hand...well...shes naughty.

Supposively I was scheduled to work. FUCK THE CAFE. I didnt see my name on the sched so Im guessing my boss switched the sched and didnt call me to tell me ahead of time. W/e. Rockacres is going to be sooo much better. Kay is going to bitch at me, and to be honest, I dont really care. Let her.

Mia is laying on the shelving above the computer. She is such a heffer I am a little bit afraid it may break. Oh well..she looks so very cute up there. Shes gazing lovingly at her Mommy and occasionally swatting. Actually, now she looks depressed. Hmm...she's naughty.

I saw the skeleton key with johnny last night...it was alright. Not great, but ok. It was scary, i will say that, but i thought the ending was a wee bit lame.

MM i went to B&N today too...(sorry kallie that I didnt call you, my mom wanted to be with just us!) That was fun. I bought a book, and a green tea frappucino. SOOO GOOOD. goodgoodgoodness.

hm. Uhmm, and the other day I drove around with Lizz and Kallie and listened to good music, went to Alto Cinqo, tea lounge, boom babies (cat eyes!1 yayy!) the palace, razz, sound garden etc. quite a good time. Many Many MANY pictures. Quite funny I might add. Love those girls, going to miss Lizz when she leaves. But i will still have my Kallie...DOWN THE STREET! yay. ok, and I think I am goin to go now beause there is a cat fight outside and I hope its not one of mine!!

Mood: chipper

  2005.08.11  09.40
road test!

Ahh i have my Road Test today. I am so freaking scared. fuckfuckfuck.

Not much has been going on as of lately. I've been semi-busy with work and what not, but soon I will not be working at the Cafe and instead at the Vet's office where hopefully I will not have to put up with as much shit as I do at the Cafe.

I have sooo many plans for this weekend, I really don't know what exactly is going on now. Im going to fucking work, the Scottish festival with the PH4, the mall possibly with Cara Lee, and then Im going to go to Kallie's little Mark. party no matter what!! (do not fear Kallie, I WILL BE THERE! WITHOUT FAIL!) and I dont want to fucking work, which really really really sucks. Oh god, I think I am worknig sunday too. hm...Im going to have to figure out something. I cant come in late again like I did yesterday because everyone had a flippin heart attack that I had to go to the doctor's and be late. OH NO! Fuck the Cafe.

Tilly is sick with a neck pain...I feel so bad for her. I had to give her a damn shot yesterday and it was so weird and nerve racking. The way you pull the skin is just s0o0 very odd. Kind of creepy actually. You have to make a "pocket" then you have to like switch needles and everything and its all just very...scary. Lucklily they switched her meds so I dont have to give them to her from a needle. La di da.

And I dont know what the hell I am doing up this early...maybe it's because Laurel woke me up so I could call MPH to get my MV 280! what a crisis that was yesterday when I couldnt find that little thnig. (I need it for my Road Test)

And all of my music got like...deleted from my library so now nothing works, so I am in the process of re-downloading EVERYTHING. It sucks. Greg contributed lol with Tim I wish you were born a girl. Thanks.

Kevin and Jesse just came up here. Kevvie is sucha sweet little dog. Hes now sitting on my lap blinking in that funny little way he does. Hes such a luver. But he smells kind of funny. ew. ok im going to go...I think...time to check the MYSPACE.

Mood: lethargic

  2005.07.31  20.20
i hate working

yeah so i hate working. Basically end of story. i do the shadow thing at the vets office tomorrow. weeee

Mood: bouncy

  2005.07.31  20.06
caras house duuude

How well do you know your best friend.
1. Their full name:Cara Lee Mullen!!!!
2. favorite color: hm..toughie...GREEN
3. favorite animal: wolves
4. favorite food: rrriiiicceeee
5. do they have any allergies? milk during some points in her life
6. who do they idolize? angelina jolie (gags)
7. favorite movie: Dogma
8. what star do they think is hot? jolie, morrison when he was young,
9. favorite song: green eyes by coldplay
10. schedule for school: its summerrr
11. how long have you two been friends? since 2nd grade
12. how many bf or gf have they had? 1
13. have you met their parents? me and the MRS are soo tight.
14. have they met yours? uh yeah, my parents fucking love her
15. would you ever date them? sadly i couldnt
16. favorite book: MY HEARTBEAT
17. favorite flower/plant: lillies? omg i dont know!!
18. do they wear glasses? only when she doesnt have her contacts in
19. do they have braces? not anymore...she did have headgear when we were little hehe
20. how do they dress? jeans unless she has to work and some cute shirt or another..usually green...and a hoodie of some sort

Mood: bouncy

  2005.07.27  01.48
oh cara, how i love to steal...

girl or boy?: girl
do you shop at abercrombie and fitch?: i will on occasion
have you ever heard of hollister?: yes, i do like it
does the word starbucks tickle your fancy?: starbucks=amazing
do you use moisterizer on your face at night?: nope
have you seen the ocean?: this is true
if so, where and when?: florida, N.C, maine, NJ, SC
do you even like coffee?: mhm i do
If you do, do the baristas at your local starbucks know you by name?: no i work at a fucknig cafe, i can get free shit...and i like freedom of espresso more anyways
have you ever seen the movie, thirteen?: yes i own it
are you a lazy ass or do you work?: i work
if so, how long have you bitten them?: yeah, me too dude
do you like to smoke the occasional cigarette?: eh
do you like to take the occasional shot of tequila?: uhm no
do you help yourself to more than one beer at a party?: yuck
have you ever gotten so drunk you can't remember anything?: no
did you have your first kiss while you were drunk at a party?: no!
ever been to a frat party?: no
ever been to san diego?: no
ever been to a frat party in san diego?: no..what the fuck is this?
do you wear sunglasses?: yes
do you wear sunglasses inside?: no
do you like to make out?: yes!
do you wish on stars?: i do on occasion

getting to know you
whats your middle name?: ellie (elle)...spellings have changed on my birth certificate
where do you live?: fville
do you like it there?: boring
what grade are you in?: 11th
do you have a job?: yes
do you have a lot of friends?: its a good amount
how many siblings?: MAH SISTAH
who do you live with?: my mom and dogs and cats...then my dada and gerbil...then the mullens!

whats your favorite era (60s, 70s, 80s)?: 20s, 40s, 50s...and 80s ok?
who is your favorite 90s band?: fuckin spice girls and hanson
whos your favorite band/singer in general?: the strokes, the distillers, of montreal, tegan and sara, MIRAH
name some of your favorite songs: tegan and sara-not tonight, of montreal-tim i wish you were born a girl, mirah-body below, look up!
do you get sick a lot?: yes id oooo
whats your favorite type of candy?: chocolate.
how many cavities do you have?: i think 1 or 2
have you ever cursed out your mom/dad?: uhm yes.
have you ever cried in public?: yes
do you cry a lot?: oh god. yeah. yes i do.
have you had the chickenpox?: yes
have you had pneumonia?: yes
have you ever been to a wedding?: yes
if yes were you a flowergirl/ringbearer/bridesmaid etc.?: no. i suck.
have you ever been to a funeral?: mm...2
if yes did you really know the person that died?: eh
do you like parades?: no.nononoonoononono.
have you ever known somebody that died & not cared?: i dont thinkso
about how many hours a day do you spend online?: hmm...well its usually in the wee hours of the am..so like 3 that is if i am on or not at all
do you have a social life?: yes, i suppose
rate school on a scale of 1-10.: 3, it could be worse but i fucking hate school
do you like ringpops? pushpops? gummi worms?: mmm yum
do you think punkrock is dying/dead?: in some ways...but i mean, c'mon, the music will always be there.
if yes, did it die about twenty years ago?: it started to go down the tube
do you like nuts? (that's peanuts, sick kids): yes
do you change your profile on AIM at least once a day?: no
how many buddies are on your buddylist?: 53..im really popular
do you have a diary?: no
do you like writing or dread it?: love to write
what's your dream car?: piece of shit lincoln continental like my dads old one
do you know a lot about cars?: ha no
whats your expertise/obsession?: cats, brody
do you think brad pitt is THAT hot?: depends what his hair is doing
is urban outfitters a sellout?: NO URBAN OUTFITTERS IS AMAZING
coke, pepsi, or neither?: fuckin coke.
do you like mountain dew?: nope..greg does though
what are your thoughts on gay marriage?: any love is good love i dont care if its with guys or girls or both, leave people to their own damn business.
what are your thoughts on abortion?: KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY. oo these ones make maxx a little angry.
have you ever been stalked?: yes.
have you ever seduced somebody?: omg.
if at first you dont succeed, do you brush yourself off and try again?: oh yeah...what?
do you like peanut m&ms or regular m&ms better?: crispy ones :)
do you know why the hell eminem named himself after a candy?: hes a fuck face
have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?: yes hehe
if yes, was it because you really liked them or because there was mistletoe?: mistletoe...but id do it the other way if anyone ever had the damn shit
are you superstitious?: no
do you pick up pennies if theyre heads up?: either way
do you write people handwritten letters or emails?: eh...i dont do that often..except hilary
do you prefer to recieve handwritten letters or emails?: handwritten letters
are you a fan of modern art?: yes
are you a fan of art at all?: yes
do you actually do your homework?: yes...sometimes
do you copy homework off of other people when you dont do it?: no, im too damn lazy
do you like answering long surveys such as this?: mhm!
do u use prepositions at the ends of sentences even tho ur not suposed to?: i try not to
do you want/have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: idk anymore what the hell he is lol
if no, why not?: hmm
do you like country music?: nome
what about classical?: yes
opera?: i like it
do you love or despise opera?: not looove, but like
do you laugh at martha stewart?: I LOVE MARTHA SO MUCH, shes a fuckin genius
about how many hours of TV do you watch a day?: if i watch it like ...1/2 hour or 1 hour
do you think TV is a drug?: yes
is the pen sharper than the knife?: yes
do you eat the crust of pizza?: yes
are you a vegitarian/vegan? why/why not? : yes, i want to be more healthy, and i dont like picturing cows grazing in a pasture while i eat a burger
do you believe in god?: no
what do you think about osama bin laden?: hes an idiot
what do you think about the FBI and the CIA?: whaduba?
are you lefthanded, righthanded or ambidextrous?: right
do you secretly want to be the opposite sex?: no
do you think girls or boys have it easier?: boys
do you think girls or boys work harder?: oh jesus girls do
are you a pessimist?: i try not to be
are you a worrywart?: sort of...HENCE THE GRAY HAIR
do you scare easily?: hahja yeah
whats your favorite movie, and why?: romeo and juliet, amelie...
whats your LEAST favorite old saying that you hate?: roll with the punches... WHAT THE FUCK
do you have a lot of posters or photos on your bedroom walls?: yes
what color are your walls?: pink
do you have a rug? if yes what color is it?: no
do you think there is really such things as white lies?: yes
if yes, do you tell them a lot?: hmm yesh
do you think honesty is important even when the truth hurts?: yes
are you a dork?: meh
do you think being a dork is really a bad thing?: no
do you have a lucky number and if so what is it?: no
do you think you will end up in a nursing home when you are older?: fuck no, im living with my cats bitches!
if no is it because you'll be in a mental institution instead?: no..im the cat lady, duh
do you like rap?: BEASTIE BOYS
is old school rap better than new school rap?: oh yeah
is old school punk better than new school punk?: yes
do you like garage rock?: yes
do you like rock at all? and if so whats your favorite genre?: hmm......emo and girl band shit
whats your favorite thing to do on weekends?: hang and sleep
do you have (a) best friend(s)?: cara lee 123
why are they your best friend(s)?: shes cool
have you ever been on a roadtrip?: with my momma
how early do you wake up on school days/weekends?: 7 25
do you think all boys are pervs?: no
do you think it's okay to use gay as an insult?: no its not o fucking k.
how about 'faggot'?: dont use that word!
do you have high or low self esteem?: low lmao
do you think therapists actually help ppl or are just in it for the money?: depends what kind of people they are. i know wendy is getting satisfaction out of helping peoples.
do you think vandalism is fun?: no
should weed be legal?: i dont care
would you move to holland just because of the change in laws?: no..i dont speak...dutch
is the government controlling our minds through tv and advertising?: they'd like to
are you patriotic?: semi
is george bush a good president?: he fucking sucks
why is america so much more violent than cananda : because canada is like me....just along for the ride.
why is america so damn fat?: hm...fast food.
do you like the tv show 'friends'?: oh yeah
what about 'will and grace'?: omg yes!
do you like any tv at all? if yes whats your favorite show?: i dont like tv that much and i only watch it when im with people or when im sick...i like daria.
are you lonely?: yes
if yes, do you beat your dick like it owes you money? (chapelles show): mhm
are you a prude?: no
remember that song 'peaches and cream'?: yes
do you like N.E.R.D?: nome
speaking of nerd, are you one?: i dont know
do you like slick rick?: what?
Speaking of slick, are you?: no
do you eat cough drops just because they taste good?: yes
have you ever done any narcotics?: .
if yes, was it fun?: n/a
have you ever done heroin?: no
are you a heroine?: mhm
have you ever done coke or crack?: no
weed? speed? n2o? anything?: stop it.
do you drink?: on family occasions im so cool;.
if yes have you ever been so drunk you threw up everywhere?: no

do you like the following songs..
candy shop?: YES
through the wire?: idk
baby got back?: yes..although it gets annoying
welcome to my life?: NO!!
dream a little dream?: idk
come clean?: haha sorta...
roof is on fire?: no
californacation?: yes
under the bridge?: yes
ohio is for lovers?: no
get back?: yes
yankee doodle?: no

more random..
have you ever secretly wanted a pet elephant?: no
do you have a crush?: yes
if you could make your room any theme at all, what would it be?: its pink. thats a theme.
is graffiti art or vandalism?: both
do you prefer to be alone or surrounded by people?: idk
are you shy?: sometimes
do you get paranoid a lot?: meh
whats your favorite scent in the world?: vineyards
what do you think of satan worshipers?: hehe
what do you think of marilyn manson?: stop wearing make up you fool!
does kelly osbourne have talent?: ...shes hot.
what about ozzy?: not anymore
would you/have you ever gone to ozzfest?: no
would you/have you ever gone to warped tour?: yes
have you ever eaten a hotdog with chocolate syrup instead of ketchup?: i hate hot dogs
have you ever dressed up as the opposite sex for a day?: yes
have you ever pet a porcupine?: no
can you say she sells sea shells by the sea shore 10 times fast?: idk
do you wear skirts/dresses/high heels?: i wear skirts like every fuckin day
do you prefer skirts or pants?: depends on my mood and the weather
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?: a woodchuck
do you secretly wish you were born in the 70s?: yeah...my mom makes it seem so nice
do you have a stash of playboy magazines that you hide from your parents?: no and i wouldnt have to die them if i did
have you ever dressed up like Elvis and sang to yourself in the mirror?: no
have you ever put a pillow in your shirt n pretended that u were pregnant?: yes...but i think it was a balloon
do you/would you dress up your dog?: ...MY MOM IS CRAZY, OK? we have little sweaters for eevry damn one of them, and then one of the girls has a little dress with butterflies on it. its a cocktail dress actually. im done.
are you afraid of clowns?: ...yes.
when’s the last time you showered?: yesterday?
do you shave?: when i feel like it
do you like writing about yourself?: no
do you talk about yourself a lot?: i dont think so
do you like salads?: yes!
do you eat out a lot?: yes


  2005.07.27  01.34
survey mother fucker

Have you:
1.smoked a cigarette? yes
2.smoked a cigar? yes
3.made out with a member of the opposite sex? yes
4.crashed a friend's car? no
5.stolen a car? no
6.been in love? yes
7.been dumped? no
8.shoplifted? nome
9.been fired? no
10.been in a fist fight? no
11.snuck out of ur house? yes...actually..wait, yeah..yeah i have
12.had feelings for someone who didnt have them back? yes...currently?
13.been arrested? no
14.made out with a stranger? sort of..he wasnt a COMPLETE stranger lol
15.gone on a blind date? no
16.lied to a friend? yes
17.had a crush on a teacher? haha mr austin is hott.
18.skipped school? yes
19.slept with a co-worker? no
20.seen someone die? yes
21.been on a plane? yes
22.thrown up in a bar? no
23.taken painkillers? yes
24.love someone or miss someone right now? yes
25.laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes YESSSS
26.made a snow angel? yes
27.played dress up? yes
28.cheated while playing a game? yes
29.been lonely? yes
30.fallen asleep at work/school? yes
31.used a fake id? no
32.felt an earthquake? no
33.touched a snake? yes
34.ran a red light? yes lmao.
35.been suspended from school? no
36.had detention? yes o0o0o so many
37.been in a car accident? yes
38.hated the way you look? yes
39.witnessed a crime? yes
40.pole danced? oh boy...kallies basement
41.been lost? yes
42.been to the opposite side of the country? no
43.felt like dying? yes
44.cried yourself to sleep? yes
45.played cops and robbers? ...no
46.karaoke? yes
47.done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes
48.laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? no, thank god
49.caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
50.kissed in the rain? yes *sigh*
51.sing in the shower? yes
52.made love in a park? uh no.
53.had a dream that you married someone? i dont think so
54.glued your hand to something? yes...scissors..that was bad
55.got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no
56.worn the opposite sex's clothes? yes
57.been a cheerleader? nope
58.sat on a roof top? yes
59.didn't take a shower for a week? YES
60.ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? uhm, all the time?
61.played chicken? yes
62.been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? yes
63.been told you're hot by a complete stranger? i dont think so
64.broken a bone? yes
65.been easily amused? yes
66.laugh so hard you cry? yes
67.mooned/flashed someone? yes
68.cheated on a test? yes
69.forgotten someone's name? yes
70.slept naked? yes
71.gone skinny dipping in a pool? yes
72.been kicked out of your house? no
73.blacked out from drinking? no
74.played a prank on someone? yes
75.played poker? yes

Mood: chipper

  2005.07.27  01.27

ok so, i have been...(over the past 4 days)

hanging out with greg and seeing blow,
going to my grampahs and killing myself tubing,
going to the mooobies with cara greg matzi to see War of the worlds,

watching spice world
going to the zoo
hanging with johnny
and now...sitting on my ass


Mood: amused

  2005.07.21  23.46

Worked again today. 2:50-7:20...i had to stay late which sucked. However, Andrea visited me, and then Greg did so I was quite happy about that. Plus i worked with Lizz so that's always fun. We went to the Y last night and now i hurt lol.

Went out to dinner with my dad...we went to Pastabilities!! :) yummy. It was so good, and we had some good conversations. I love hanging out with my Daddy and having a good time. Then we went to the Sound Garden and I got an Of Montreal CD. Its so00o0 good. (thank you lizz) Then I drove us back and my dada and I got ice cream. Then he dropped me off and Mia is back (she left for a day) and shes a bit skinnier. bwahaha.

Uhm, so now im sitting on the computer bored and i have no one to talk to because i cant get on AIM, i already talked to greg hilary and cara and johnny and uhmm...now i think I am going to go and talk to my mother because I am a family freak at times.


Mood: blank

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