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dear father o mine:
thanks so very much for Lionel (Belkin adaptor)
he comes in handy, and I very much love him.

i have decided that I am lucky...
Iam lucky because my mother forgets that she is mad at me sometimes. and therefore forgets to yell at me for having boys over until 3 in the am and then driving them home with my best friend.

PH4 came over last night. 'twas fun. Sat around, watched my dumb ass computer be slow...went to friendly's, the park, etc...got up in the morning to go to breakfast with the kids, we went to wegmans and then to Mill Run. Made me miss my Tessy girl. :(
I found all these little hellicopter things that fall from the trees and i played with them for a good half an hour. that was after a wood chip fight. I am still pilling mulch out of my hoodies as we speak. I had a ceasar salad.

THEN I WATCHED CARA GET HER CANCER REMOVED. shit that was fun. I watched htem cauterize it. weird. Cara and I got laughing so hard inthat fucking room that I started to cry..."if you encourage Maxx enough, she will do anything" oh cara Lee, what are those bed pans and diapers going to do without my loving tender touch? the Mrs was getting aggravated with me. oops.

then i got home with my hair all funny and i walk in the door and the bad man was there.
actually, hes a very good man.
but his looks make him the bad man.
hes a hott man.
jarett morgan. wow. wowowowowoowowowowowoowowowWOWOW. mm.

johnny came over tonight, we did the usual, walk the dogs, watch TV, video games, etc.

i need to think of somewhere to walk to tomorrow.
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