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fuck school..

Yeah so started school on Wednesday...it was alright except for some parts where i wanted ot commit suicide. good times.

anyways...I have no free periods, am in retard orch and retard math...uhmmm...busybusy english. Lots of homework everyday so far...yeah.

Weekend has been fairly uneventful, which is a good thing. Hung out with Chris for a while saturday then we picked up greg, and went to Steve's house, then we allw ent over to my house with matzi and cara. Then went to caras house. Yeah..then Saturday, the usual thing happened. Woke up early, worked, slept, read, homework, mom goes to ER (not usual) Greg+Matzi came over...cara is sick. da.

Ive had my grammas car which is GREAT. The forester....teh classic lesbian car. :)...it has a lot of 'zip' to it.

bought the new Black eyed peas CD...the woman at target thought I was one cool cat. I think...idk. anyways...

yeah gregs birthday was on the 8th so we went out to Unos...cara couldnt come...dammit. They clapped and sang. it was a good time. yepyepyep.

i think I am going to go because I really need to finish my never ending english homework...or maybe Ill do a survey instead. depends. but this computer is very fucked up so idk.
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