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Time started: 412
Name: Maxx
Nickname: Maxx
Single or Taken: single i guessssss
Sex: femaleish
Birthday: january 4
Siblings: quinn'er'
Shoe size: 10/11
Height: 5'7 ish
What are you wearing right now: teal sweat pants, white shirt...lookin preeeety foxy, i gotta say
where do you live? fville
Righty or lefty: right'y'
Favorite cartoon character: DARIA

*Have you ever*
Smoked: yes
Bungee Jumped: no
Parasailed: no
Made yourself throw-up: yes
Gone skinny dipping: yes
Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: uhm yes
Eaten a dog biscuit: of course...living in my house with my sister and a fat ass dog with many biscuits, its bound to happen
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: sure
Played truth or dare: yes
Been in a police car: yes
Been in a sauna: yes ewwwww
Been in a hot tub: yes
Swam in the ocean: yes
Fallen asleep in school: yes
Ran away: sort of
Broken someone's heart: hahahahhaqhahahahahahahah.
Cried when someone died: yes
Cried in school: yes, too often
Fell off your chair: yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: ...
Saved MSN / AOL / AIM conversations: yes
Saved e-mails: yes
Fallen for your best friend?: oh yeaahhh.. cara babaaay

*First thing that comes to mind*
Blue: carpet
Autumn: treeeees
Cow: smelly

*What is..*
Your good luck charm: stupid thing that i sometimes have in my pocket...wish blabla
what’s beside you? uhmm...grammas houuuse
something that happened to you this year: realized a LOT
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: hm.
Believe in love at first sight: idont think so
Like picnics: no....i dont sit on the ground and eat...its too complicated. i dont have those advanced motor skills. :(
Like school: fuckin hate it
loved anyone: yes

*Would you:*
Eat a live hamster: depends if you dipped it in chocolate first or not...
Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars?: uhmmm...if they wanted me to. and the money was dipped in chocolate. and all in ones...
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you?: cara, hilary, stupidgreg, matzi for cara i suppose iwould have to do that, right?, uhmm..my mom.

You touched: keyboard?
you massaged: my head
you yelled at: GEORGE
Who broke your heart: stop it
Who told you they loved you last: gramamamama
Is your loudest friend: hills bills pills thrills

*Do you/Are You:*
Do you like filling these out: da
Do you wear contacts or glasses: i am supposed to wear my glasses, but i only wear them occasionally
Do you like yourself: depends on the time of the month, the time of day, the current situation...i would say more often than not, no.
Obsession: chocolate, kittens
Anorexic: yep...*eats potato*
Suicidal: depends

*Final questions-*
What are you listening to right now: golf
What did you do yesterday: talked to greg, slept, went to work, slept, nothing, cried, homework, read, slept, greg amd matzi (greg and matzi....matzi and greg...)
What is your favorite band(s): les strokes, dashboard, mirah
Got any awards: im a failure
Want to get married: dont believe in it i dont think....
What is your favorite video game: old school mario, and spyro
If you could change anything about yourself what would it be: ..
Good actor: keiren culkin
Good Singer: myself. yes.
Have a lava lamp: my cat jkilled it....about 10 years ago
How many remote controls are in your house: what a stupid thing to ask
Are you double jointed: i dont care!
What do you dream about: weird shit
Last time you showered: yesterday
The last movie you saw at the theaters: 40 y o virgin
Silver or Gold: platinum bitches.
Diamond or pearl: black pearls from tahiiiti. i sound liek a rich bitch, but im not really. uhm. yeah pearls. but really sparkly diamonds are nice. i wouldnt really wear either though.
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset.
Phone or in person: person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: youngest
Do you want your friends to fill this out and post it?: idont have friends.
time finished: 428
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