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breakfast, mall, ph4

SO woke up this morning at like 6, and went to the EggPlant with Cara Cait Greg and Matzi and got breakfast 'cause cara got her liscence! it was much fun. Then we went to the park near Wescott, where I got soaked with my white T shirt on.

fun stuff...totally my fault because I thought it wouldnt be that see through. Fuck that, the only one who really saw anything was caitlin anyways. haha.

Got home and went back to bed.
Woke up saw Jane's (my step aunt) new baby.
Got back and went to the nail place with my mom...and just sat there until cara picked me up so we could all go to Carousel.
Squished the boys in the back seat. So funny. Really squished greg's knees. I ride shot gun bitches.
That was beaucoup de fun...I didnt spend that much $$$ actually...Cara on the other hand...well...shes naughty.

Supposively I was scheduled to work. FUCK THE CAFE. I didnt see my name on the sched so Im guessing my boss switched the sched and didnt call me to tell me ahead of time. W/e. Rockacres is going to be sooo much better. Kay is going to bitch at me, and to be honest, I dont really care. Let her.

Mia is laying on the shelving above the computer. She is such a heffer I am a little bit afraid it may break. Oh well..she looks so very cute up there. Shes gazing lovingly at her Mommy and occasionally swatting. Actually, now she looks depressed. Hmm...she's naughty.

I saw the skeleton key with johnny last night...it was alright. Not great, but ok. It was scary, i will say that, but i thought the ending was a wee bit lame.

MM i went to B&N today too...(sorry kallie that I didnt call you, my mom wanted to be with just us!) That was fun. I bought a book, and a green tea frappucino. SOOO GOOOD. goodgoodgoodness.

hm. Uhmm, and the other day I drove around with Lizz and Kallie and listened to good music, went to Alto Cinqo, tea lounge, boom babies (cat eyes!1 yayy!) the palace, razz, sound garden etc. quite a good time. Many Many MANY pictures. Quite funny I might add. Love those girls, going to miss Lizz when she leaves. But i will still have my Kallie...DOWN THE STREET! yay. ok, and I think I am goin to go now beause there is a cat fight outside and I hope its not one of mine!!
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