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Belkin adapter

Soo my daddy bought me an adaptor for my MP3 player so I can hear it without headphones and what not and put it in the car and stuff..I heart it so very much. It works so well. So very happy with it. Love my daddy. And not just because he buys me stuff, but because he is a great daddy.

Right now I am sitting here copying lyrics that I like from my old notebook, and putting them into a new one so I can sort of "update" them...due to the fact that some of them date back to 8th grade. wow. what days those were. I was one un happy kid, I will just say that.

Today I worked, and it wasnt that bad because Kay really didnt yell at me or anything. She just wanted to know what was up with me and the new job and what my expectations for the cafe were. That was a relief. And I worked with Lizz and Colleen which is always quite entertaining. Colleen and I got laughing so fucking hard because we decided we were going to hide from lizz inm Kay's office. We were yelling to lizz, (and really no one will find this story funny, but i have to re tell it because i thought it was a hoot) and colleen's underneath the desk, and Im behind the door and colleen says "The pathetic thing is that while we are supposed to be working, we are actually hiding" which at the time got me laughing so hard that Lizz found us. SHe was scared for a minute of our where abouts.

Got hooome, picked up the young squire (johnny) and we played stupid nintendo games for the rest of the night. And now I actually want to play them. dammit. DAMN YOU NINTENDO GAME CUBE!!!!

hmla di da.
i think i am going togo.
i might sleep over at chris's camp tomorrow and I have to work at the Vet tomorrow also so i really hope this all works out so I can do that.
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