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(to amuse greg)

mackenzieieeee i stoolll this from you!

This 0R That��
Snoop Dogg or Korn?: gah...snoooooop i suppose
Eminem or Simple Plan: if i had to pick simple plan
Three Days Grace or Hawthorne Heights?: hawthorne heights
Spice Girls or Christina Aguilara?: SPICE UP YOUR LIFE YO!
My Chemical Romance or Kelly Clarkson: MCR...even though sometimes i have to hate them for this MTV crap.
Usher or maroon 5?: less than three maroooon 5
Backstreet Boys or N'sync?: N*Sync assholes, get it right.
Coldplay or 98 Degrees?: coldplay
Death Cab or Linkin Park?: Death Cab
Sugarcult or Michael Jackson?: Michael Jackson actually...
marilyn Manson or goo goo Dolls?: Uhmm...i think Marilyn Manson
The Killers or gwen Stefani?: The killers...unless it was vs No Doubt, in which case, NO DOUBT.
Nelly or Good Charlotte?: Nelly. fuck good charlotte.
Weezer or Ciarra?: weezer
Taking back sunday or Vanessa Carlton?: Taking Back Sunday
Red hot chilli peppers or Nirvana?: Nirvana
Blink 182 or Smashing Pumpkins?: oh my, they are two extremely different things...but i listen to Blink more...
beastie Boys or Wierd Al?: BEASTIE BOYS GET IT TOGETHER....
Godsmack or lil Romeo?: huh?
Ludacris or Slipknot?: ludacris
Pizza or hamburgers?: shit. oh god. i want a burger.
Hotdogs or Steak?: STEAK ahhhhh
Cake or pie?: cake
Lemonade or pink Lemonade?: pink lemonade
Chocolate milk or regular milk?: bleak...neither
Waffels or Pancakes?: waffles
Pasta or salad?: salad
Bar BQ sauce or Ketchup?: katsup is my preferred way of spelling it
Carrots or Corn?: corn
Pepperoni or sausage?: pepperoni
Cherries or Strawberries?: cherries
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate is my fav food.
beer or wine?: wine-o
Candybar or Energy bar?: candy!!!!1!
propel or Gatorade?: gatorade
bacon or Eggs?: sick.
Pepsi or Sprite?: sprite
Cheesecake or Apple Pie?: key lime cheesecake. thanks.
McDonalds or Denny's?: dennyss
Hawaii or Miami Beach?: ...Miami because that is where Miami Ink is filmed (the best show ever) and i love Ami.
East Coast or West Coast?: AHAHAHA east coast suckers.
Concert or Movie?: concert
bar or dance club?: dance club...so i can make a fool of myself
The beach or a Museum?: depends on where the beach is and what museum. although i would have to go with beack more likely.
Pool or hottub?: pool
Front yard or backyard?: backyard
The Mall or the park?: the mark.
Australia or Europe?: europe
Sweater or Hoodie?: Hoodie
Tight pants or baggy?: inbetween...and depends on what time of the month it is too
Overalls or suspenders?: YAYYY
One piece or two piece?: two pieces bitches, i dont care.
Shorts or skirts?: skirts. never EVER shorts. unless they are my ugly plaid ones.
Bell bottoms or Flares?: boot cut or straight. fuckin hippies. kidding.
Wife beater or Tank top?: beaters for the dykey girl. :)
Boxers, Briefs, or thongs?: thongs. usually. unless it is that time. in which case...boy shorts. (and thats on me not some guy...cause yeah thongs....no. stop. ew.)
Slippers or socks?: socks
layers or skin?: layers
Garnier or Pantein?: fuck that i use the salon shit my mom gives me. LANZA
Pen or Pencil?: pen
Chores or Schoolwork?: eghghgh school?
Tv or movie?: movie
Gel or hairspray?: gel
The OC. or CSI?: o.c
mom or dad?: i love them both.
Rock or Rap?: rock
Sing or Dance?: sing, and dance like brady bunch.
Bowling or Golf?: both.

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