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canine kennel cough

SO due to the fact that I work at a vet 5 days out of the week, I am always around sick animals...
and I believe I now have a dog disease.

i know you're jealous.

Its called Kennel Cough...usually dogs get it when they are constantly face to face with other dogs, and they get this weird coghy/flemy shit going on in their upper respritory track. Its an influenza virus, and is also a virus that is transmitted through the air. The vaccine, Bordetella, has the virus contained and is sprayed into the dogs nostrils after mixing it (powder form) with a liquid.
now that you know that and are really super bored...

the other day this dog comes in...its got this cough, it leaves, I have to bleach the whole damn room, including the floor and walls (not my idea of a good time) Two days later I am busy coughing up my lungs.

and it sucks
and it hurts
a lot.

so make me cookies.

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