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Worked again today. 2:50-7:20...i had to stay late which sucked. However, Andrea visited me, and then Greg did so I was quite happy about that. Plus i worked with Lizz so that's always fun. We went to the Y last night and now i hurt lol.

Went out to dinner with my dad...we went to Pastabilities!! :) yummy. It was so good, and we had some good conversations. I love hanging out with my Daddy and having a good time. Then we went to the Sound Garden and I got an Of Montreal CD. Its so00o0 good. (thank you lizz) Then I drove us back and my dada and I got ice cream. Then he dropped me off and Mia is back (she left for a day) and shes a bit skinnier. bwahaha.

Uhm, so now im sitting on the computer bored and i have no one to talk to because i cant get on AIM, i already talked to greg hilary and cara and johnny and uhmm...now i think I am going to go and talk to my mother because I am a family freak at times.

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