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oh cara, how i love to steal...

girl or boy?: girl
do you shop at abercrombie and fitch?: i will on occasion
have you ever heard of hollister?: yes, i do like it
does the word starbucks tickle your fancy?: starbucks=amazing
do you use moisterizer on your face at night?: nope
have you seen the ocean?: this is true
if so, where and when?: florida, N.C, maine, NJ, SC
do you even like coffee?: mhm i do
If you do, do the baristas at your local starbucks know you by name?: no i work at a fucknig cafe, i can get free shit...and i like freedom of espresso more anyways
have you ever seen the movie, thirteen?: yes i own it
are you a lazy ass or do you work?: i work
if so, how long have you bitten them?: yeah, me too dude
do you like to smoke the occasional cigarette?: eh
do you like to take the occasional shot of tequila?: uhm no
do you help yourself to more than one beer at a party?: yuck
have you ever gotten so drunk you can't remember anything?: no
did you have your first kiss while you were drunk at a party?: no!
ever been to a frat party?: no
ever been to san diego?: no
ever been to a frat party in san diego?: no..what the fuck is this?
do you wear sunglasses?: yes
do you wear sunglasses inside?: no
do you like to make out?: yes!
do you wish on stars?: i do on occasion

getting to know you
whats your middle name?: ellie (elle)...spellings have changed on my birth certificate
where do you live?: fville
do you like it there?: boring
what grade are you in?: 11th
do you have a job?: yes
do you have a lot of friends?: its a good amount
how many siblings?: MAH SISTAH
who do you live with?: my mom and dogs and cats...then my dada and gerbil...then the mullens!

whats your favorite era (60s, 70s, 80s)?: 20s, 40s, 50s...and 80s ok?
who is your favorite 90s band?: fuckin spice girls and hanson
whos your favorite band/singer in general?: the strokes, the distillers, of montreal, tegan and sara, MIRAH
name some of your favorite songs: tegan and sara-not tonight, of montreal-tim i wish you were born a girl, mirah-body below, look up!
do you get sick a lot?: yes id oooo
whats your favorite type of candy?: chocolate.
how many cavities do you have?: i think 1 or 2
have you ever cursed out your mom/dad?: uhm yes.
have you ever cried in public?: yes
do you cry a lot?: oh god. yeah. yes i do.
have you had the chickenpox?: yes
have you had pneumonia?: yes
have you ever been to a wedding?: yes
if yes were you a flowergirl/ringbearer/bridesmaid etc.?: no. i suck.
have you ever been to a funeral?: mm...2
if yes did you really know the person that died?: eh
do you like parades?: no.nononoonoononono.
have you ever known somebody that died & not cared?: i dont thinkso
about how many hours a day do you spend online?: hmm...well its usually in the wee hours of the am..so like 3 that is if i am on or not at all
do you have a social life?: yes, i suppose
rate school on a scale of 1-10.: 3, it could be worse but i fucking hate school
do you like ringpops? pushpops? gummi worms?: mmm yum
do you think punkrock is dying/dead?: in some ways...but i mean, c'mon, the music will always be there.
if yes, did it die about twenty years ago?: it started to go down the tube
do you like nuts? (that's peanuts, sick kids): yes
do you change your profile on AIM at least once a day?: no
how many buddies are on your buddylist?: 53..im really popular
do you have a diary?: no
do you like writing or dread it?: love to write
what's your dream car?: piece of shit lincoln continental like my dads old one
do you know a lot about cars?: ha no
whats your expertise/obsession?: cats, brody
do you think brad pitt is THAT hot?: depends what his hair is doing
is urban outfitters a sellout?: NO URBAN OUTFITTERS IS AMAZING
coke, pepsi, or neither?: fuckin coke.
do you like mountain dew?: nope..greg does though
what are your thoughts on gay marriage?: any love is good love i dont care if its with guys or girls or both, leave people to their own damn business.
what are your thoughts on abortion?: KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY. oo these ones make maxx a little angry.
have you ever been stalked?: yes.
have you ever seduced somebody?: omg.
if at first you dont succeed, do you brush yourself off and try again?: oh yeah...what?
do you like peanut m&ms or regular m&ms better?: crispy ones :)
do you know why the hell eminem named himself after a candy?: hes a fuck face
have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?: yes hehe
if yes, was it because you really liked them or because there was mistletoe?: mistletoe...but id do it the other way if anyone ever had the damn shit
are you superstitious?: no
do you pick up pennies if theyre heads up?: either way
do you write people handwritten letters or emails?: eh...i dont do that often..except hilary
do you prefer to recieve handwritten letters or emails?: handwritten letters
are you a fan of modern art?: yes
are you a fan of art at all?: yes
do you actually do your homework?: yes...sometimes
do you copy homework off of other people when you dont do it?: no, im too damn lazy
do you like answering long surveys such as this?: mhm!
do u use prepositions at the ends of sentences even tho ur not suposed to?: i try not to
do you want/have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: idk anymore what the hell he is lol
if no, why not?: hmm
do you like country music?: nome
what about classical?: yes
opera?: i like it
do you love or despise opera?: not looove, but like
do you laugh at martha stewart?: I LOVE MARTHA SO MUCH, shes a fuckin genius
about how many hours of TV do you watch a day?: if i watch it like ...1/2 hour or 1 hour
do you think TV is a drug?: yes
is the pen sharper than the knife?: yes
do you eat the crust of pizza?: yes
are you a vegitarian/vegan? why/why not? : yes, i want to be more healthy, and i dont like picturing cows grazing in a pasture while i eat a burger
do you believe in god?: no
what do you think about osama bin laden?: hes an idiot
what do you think about the FBI and the CIA?: whaduba?
are you lefthanded, righthanded or ambidextrous?: right
do you secretly want to be the opposite sex?: no
do you think girls or boys have it easier?: boys
do you think girls or boys work harder?: oh jesus girls do
are you a pessimist?: i try not to be
are you a worrywart?: sort of...HENCE THE GRAY HAIR
do you scare easily?: hahja yeah
whats your favorite movie, and why?: romeo and juliet, amelie...
whats your LEAST favorite old saying that you hate?: roll with the punches... WHAT THE FUCK
do you have a lot of posters or photos on your bedroom walls?: yes
what color are your walls?: pink
do you have a rug? if yes what color is it?: no
do you think there is really such things as white lies?: yes
if yes, do you tell them a lot?: hmm yesh
do you think honesty is important even when the truth hurts?: yes
are you a dork?: meh
do you think being a dork is really a bad thing?: no
do you have a lucky number and if so what is it?: no
do you think you will end up in a nursing home when you are older?: fuck no, im living with my cats bitches!
if no is it because you'll be in a mental institution instead?: no..im the cat lady, duh
do you like rap?: BEASTIE BOYS
is old school rap better than new school rap?: oh yeah
is old school punk better than new school punk?: yes
do you like garage rock?: yes
do you like rock at all? and if so whats your favorite genre?: hmm......emo and girl band shit
whats your favorite thing to do on weekends?: hang and sleep
do you have (a) best friend(s)?: cara lee 123
why are they your best friend(s)?: shes cool
have you ever been on a roadtrip?: with my momma
how early do you wake up on school days/weekends?: 7 25
do you think all boys are pervs?: no
do you think it's okay to use gay as an insult?: no its not o fucking k.
how about 'faggot'?: dont use that word!
do you have high or low self esteem?: low lmao
do you think therapists actually help ppl or are just in it for the money?: depends what kind of people they are. i know wendy is getting satisfaction out of helping peoples.
do you think vandalism is fun?: no
should weed be legal?: i dont care
would you move to holland just because of the change in laws?: no..i dont speak...dutch
is the government controlling our minds through tv and advertising?: they'd like to
are you patriotic?: semi
is george bush a good president?: he fucking sucks
why is america so much more violent than cananda : because canada is like me....just along for the ride.
why is america so damn fat?: hm...fast food.
do you like the tv show 'friends'?: oh yeah
what about 'will and grace'?: omg yes!
do you like any tv at all? if yes whats your favorite show?: i dont like tv that much and i only watch it when im with people or when im sick...i like daria.
are you lonely?: yes
if yes, do you beat your dick like it owes you money? (chapelles show): mhm
are you a prude?: no
remember that song 'peaches and cream'?: yes
do you like N.E.R.D?: nome
speaking of nerd, are you one?: i dont know
do you like slick rick?: what?
Speaking of slick, are you?: no
do you eat cough drops just because they taste good?: yes
have you ever done any narcotics?: .
if yes, was it fun?: n/a
have you ever done heroin?: no
are you a heroine?: mhm
have you ever done coke or crack?: no
weed? speed? n2o? anything?: stop it.
do you drink?: on family occasions im so cool;.
if yes have you ever been so drunk you threw up everywhere?: no

do you like the following songs..
candy shop?: YES
through the wire?: idk
baby got back?: yes..although it gets annoying
welcome to my life?: NO!!
dream a little dream?: idk
come clean?: haha sorta...
roof is on fire?: no
californacation?: yes
under the bridge?: yes
ohio is for lovers?: no
get back?: yes
yankee doodle?: no

more random..
have you ever secretly wanted a pet elephant?: no
do you have a crush?: yes
if you could make your room any theme at all, what would it be?: its pink. thats a theme.
is graffiti art or vandalism?: both
do you prefer to be alone or surrounded by people?: idk
are you shy?: sometimes
do you get paranoid a lot?: meh
whats your favorite scent in the world?: vineyards
what do you think of satan worshipers?: hehe
what do you think of marilyn manson?: stop wearing make up you fool!
does kelly osbourne have talent?: ...shes hot.
what about ozzy?: not anymore
would you/have you ever gone to ozzfest?: no
would you/have you ever gone to warped tour?: yes
have you ever eaten a hotdog with chocolate syrup instead of ketchup?: i hate hot dogs
have you ever dressed up as the opposite sex for a day?: yes
have you ever pet a porcupine?: no
can you say she sells sea shells by the sea shore 10 times fast?: idk
do you wear skirts/dresses/high heels?: i wear skirts like every fuckin day
do you prefer skirts or pants?: depends on my mood and the weather
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?: a woodchuck
do you secretly wish you were born in the 70s?: yeah...my mom makes it seem so nice
do you have a stash of playboy magazines that you hide from your parents?: no and i wouldnt have to die them if i did
have you ever dressed up like Elvis and sang to yourself in the mirror?: no
have you ever put a pillow in your shirt n pretended that u were pregnant?: yes...but i think it was a balloon
do you/would you dress up your dog?: ...MY MOM IS CRAZY, OK? we have little sweaters for eevry damn one of them, and then one of the girls has a little dress with butterflies on it. its a cocktail dress actually. im done.
are you afraid of clowns?: ...yes.
when’s the last time you showered?: yesterday?
do you shave?: when i feel like it
do you like writing about yourself?: no
do you talk about yourself a lot?: i dont think so
do you like salads?: yes!
do you eat out a lot?: yes
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