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caras house duuude

How well do you know your best friend.
1. Their full name:Cara Lee Mullen!!!!
2. favorite color: hm..toughie...GREEN
3. favorite animal: wolves
4. favorite food: rrriiiicceeee
5. do they have any allergies? milk during some points in her life
6. who do they idolize? angelina jolie (gags)
7. favorite movie: Dogma
8. what star do they think is hot? jolie, morrison when he was young,
9. favorite song: green eyes by coldplay
10. schedule for school: its summerrr
11. how long have you two been friends? since 2nd grade
12. how many bf or gf have they had? 1
13. have you met their parents? me and the MRS are soo tight.
14. have they met yours? uh yeah, my parents fucking love her
15. would you ever date them? sadly i couldnt
16. favorite book: MY HEARTBEAT
17. favorite flower/plant: lillies? omg i dont know!!
18. do they wear glasses? only when she doesnt have her contacts in
19. do they have braces? not anymore...she did have headgear when we were little hehe
20. how do they dress? jeans unless she has to work and some cute shirt or another..usually green...and a hoodie of some sort
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