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road test!

Ahh i have my Road Test today. I am so freaking scared. fuckfuckfuck.

Not much has been going on as of lately. I've been semi-busy with work and what not, but soon I will not be working at the Cafe and instead at the Vet's office where hopefully I will not have to put up with as much shit as I do at the Cafe.

I have sooo many plans for this weekend, I really don't know what exactly is going on now. Im going to fucking work, the Scottish festival with the PH4, the mall possibly with Cara Lee, and then Im going to go to Kallie's little Mark. party no matter what!! (do not fear Kallie, I WILL BE THERE! WITHOUT FAIL!) and I dont want to fucking work, which really really really sucks. Oh god, I think I am worknig sunday too. hm...Im going to have to figure out something. I cant come in late again like I did yesterday because everyone had a flippin heart attack that I had to go to the doctor's and be late. OH NO! Fuck the Cafe.

Tilly is sick with a neck pain...I feel so bad for her. I had to give her a damn shot yesterday and it was so weird and nerve racking. The way you pull the skin is just s0o0 very odd. Kind of creepy actually. You have to make a "pocket" then you have to like switch needles and everything and its all just very...scary. Lucklily they switched her meds so I dont have to give them to her from a needle. La di da.

And I dont know what the hell I am doing up this early...maybe it's because Laurel woke me up so I could call MPH to get my MV 280! what a crisis that was yesterday when I couldnt find that little thnig. (I need it for my Road Test)

And all of my music got like...deleted from my library so now nothing works, so I am in the process of re-downloading EVERYTHING. It sucks. Greg contributed lol with Tim I wish you were born a girl. Thanks.

Kevin and Jesse just came up here. Kevvie is sucha sweet little dog. Hes now sitting on my lap blinking in that funny little way he does. Hes such a luver. But he smells kind of funny. ew. ok im going to go...I think...time to check the MYSPACE.
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